i`m here with0ut you babie, but yer still with me in my dreams. <3


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they call me; a m b e R *

you can find me in; whitehall [pa]

g0 shortie; july 11th

gimme gimme; tru friends, b0ys, dancing, cheering, softball, takin pics, walkin the streets of ghetto whitehall <3

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Aug 13, 2003
im s0 new at this!



me intr0duce myself - this is my first entry.. and im LOST!! l0l -- its not that im totally confused its just that xanga is like gone s0 im doin this instead.. yep! its pretty cool actually, & a lot better then freekin xanga.. =) s0 if you read this, make sure 2 leave me lots of l0vin cause im new at this whole thing & i wanna meet some new people!!

i w0ke up t0day- @ like 7:15 or something -- see, back during the school year my s.s teacher mr. pist0n mentioned being 'team manager' or somethin of that nature.. l0l hes pretty cool s0 i said yea.. & my friend jackie was supposed 2 do it w/ me but she plays field hockey and practices are when football practices are.. so holly & i decided to do it.. BUT -- h0llys on vacation.. so therefore, only i went t0 the practice today.. it was from [8-12].. and it was madd h0t out!! l0l they didnt really need me because it was the first practice and they didnt d0 anything reallie.. so i just helped out w/ the older guys water & stuff.. it was pretty kool but im n0t goin back the rest of this week cuz theres n0 use.. so im waitin till holly gets back from vacation.. =)

on the way h0me- my mommie stopped at mcd0nalds for lunch.. drive-thru!! haha.. yeahhh then i came home.. ate & layed d0wn.. omg im NOT used 2 waking up that earlie.. i dont know wut im gonna d0 when school starts lol.. ahh, oh well.. s0 i fell asleep for like 1 1/2 hours.. & woke up at watched the osbournes.. hehe i <3 that sh0w.. omgg i wunt t0 marry jack!!! hes s00 kool!!! lol.. anyways.. then i came online & just chilled

t0night- i dun0 wut im doin.. prolly nuthin cause theres nuthin to do.. l0l -- also, i miss h0lly!! ahh she doesnt come home till sunday.. its not the same w/o her.. lol, ohh welll.. s0 until the next update leave me some comments people!! i <3 you'

<333 ambeR**




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